Insert edge problem


Iam trying to follow this tutorial.

in c4d you can perform a loop cut which inserts an edge in the place you want it.

Iam struggeling to do this in rhino with the insert edge command because rhino doesnt let me insert the edge where i want it and it seems impossible to archieve the same results

the program doesnt allow be to get a finer selection than this

in cinema c4 i can do it way finer

looking like this

is there a trick?

did you check all options _insertEdge has ?

you may want to start with a proportional mode to insert a first edge.
then select this loop and insetEdge bothsides with absolute mode (once or more times)

yes i did check

also the extrusion doesnt work great

Dear @d.pfifferling

subd_insertEdge.3dm (3.8 MB)

_insertEdge (proportional 0.5) the edge in the middle
_insertEdge (absolute, both sides ) additional edges (once or twice to get the transition sharper)
_extrudeSubD (as command, not with gumball, Direction UVN → N
_insertEdge (absolute … to get the transition sharper)

does this help ?

kind regards

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Hey Tom

this looks good

I still have the problem that the new edges snap wildly.
Maybe i did not get the logic behind this.

thanks for your help

Try holding the Option key to toggle off your Osnaps, that might help.