Sweep2 from point thru cross sections to point How to do it?

The sweep2 command does not accept points as sections. What can I do to create a grasshopper object like in the picture.
Create this surface in Rhino is not a problem. Any advice would be appreciated.

Attached data are only for example, my final structure will be more complicated with more cross sections.sweep2.3dm (518.0 KB) sweep2.gh (10.5 KB)

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networkSrf.gh (11.7 KB)

sweep2–c#.gh (16.5 KB)

You made my day :grinning:. Nice and simple solution. Exactly what I needed. I found that the next step to working on a grasshopper is https://developer.rhino3d.com/api/RhinoCommon/html/R_Project_RhinoCommon.htm

Thank you. Too complicated solution but I can use the idea of another project. :slightly_smiling_face: