Inject bars attributes in tekla by grasshopper

Good morning,
I am trying to inject bar information into tekla directly by grasshopper.
Can you tell me how to write the attribute text to inject it directly into the bar group component.
I tested as indicated in the attached image but it does not work


Unfortunately I don’t think the cast string >> RebarAttributes is available - at least in v11 which is what I have.

Is there a reason why you don’t want to use the Rebar Attributes component ?

thank you for your reply
I am looking to inject bar informations directly from an excel
and to avoid connection errors between excel and the component inputs.

What are you using to read from Excel ?
I use TT Toolbox and it’s pretty consistent.


That should be working fine too. If you need assistance on the Excel part of your script, attach the revelant files.

thank you for your proposal I master the excel part and I need a person who masters tekla to tell me the form of the text to be injected

Hi, so as @magicteddy commented it’s not possible to set Rebar attributes using strings. You might be comparing this to the Component attributes input, which can be set with text. These attributes are however very different under the hood and no text mapping has been implemented for Rebar attributes.

For the input format you suggest in the second pic (or however you decide to read it from Excel) it would be possible to use a combination of Match Text, Cull Pattern and Split Text etc to build your own text parser, to make sure that you always feed the right value to the right input of the Rebar Attributes component. Using a C# component would probably be even faster if that’s something you’re up for.



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Uploading: 01.PNG…
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Hi Sebastian,
Thank you for your help and availability to answer us and support us in our learning of grasshopper and Tekla.
I found this example which perfectly matches what I was looking for.
import the characteristics of the bars from excel tables.
My question is is it possible for you to add this component to us in future developments?

That sure looks interesting, but I think something like that is very tricky to generalize. Perhaps he’d be willing to share what he’s got?

As an alternative, did you try to explore digging data out of excel files using GH components? Lunchbox gives a rudimentary implementation to get the raw data, and from that you just need a few component types to locate the columns you’re interested in and remove the headers. Then feed the data to the inputs of the Rebar attributes components. This can all be hidden up in a cluster to make it look like in the video (just leave the actual Rebar Group component outside of the cluster).

I’ve heard Bumblebee can do more specific Excel extraction that makes his kind of work a bit easier (although haven’t tried that).



thank you for your feedback
I will try this method