Information flow from GH to configurator

Hi, say a configurator has an item that when displayed in the gui when you select it has a title, description, image and price is it possible to define in grasshopper so the information flows through the syem?
Also is there a recommended system for handling orders?

I am not sure I understand exactly the flow of information you want to implement. However, you can pretty much send and receive data to and from the model in any way you want

Sending data to the definition:

  1. Add ShapeDiverTextInput parameters to the Grasshopper definition.
  2. Send text to the online model using the api.parameters.updateAsync() function of the API. The text can be a JSON object which you can parse and access using the JSON components. Or you can simply send strings and numbers to use in your definition.

Extracting data from the definition:

  1. Add ShapeDiverDataOutput components to the definition. You can output text, numbers and some other Grasshopper types. The output will preserve the tree structure.
  2. Retrieve the data from the online model using the api.scene.getData() function of the API.

This documentation article contains a simple example of sending parameters and extracting data from a definition.