EventListener for ShapeDiverDataOutput update

I am configuring a ShapeDiver 3D model with Product Lab plugin by New Branch and I am experiencing a difficulty.
In the Grasshopper model there is the ShapeDiverDataOutput component, which is calculated with Python scripts from user input, so when this input changes the ShapeDiverDataOutput component is updated; however, this is done asynchronously (matter of milliseconds) and I am having difficulty intercepting the component’s update event (I need it to immediately fix another field on page layout).
In other words, from the console, I can access the required data with this script: sdViewer.scene.getData().data[0].data

However, I can’t find the right event to do the addEventListener on.

Thank you in advance

The event you are looking for is called SUBSCENE_PUBLISHED.

Exactly what I needed, thank you.