Inflating Balloons in Grasshopper

Hi all

I am attempting to inflate spherical balloons in GH using Kangaroo. I am starting out with a basic script that I found online. I have changed it and set it up so that I can place 3 specific points where the balloons are inflated within the space from. I am having an issue with the shape of the final inflated balloon. it seems that the shapes are anchored in several places causing the shape of the sphere to deform see screengrab. I was wondering if anyone knows how to fix this and allow me to inflate the sphere without deforming it apart from where it collides with the other two balloons.

effectively I am trying to simulate inflating three spherical balloons being inflated within a box simultaneously.

the main issue is the points that don’t seem to be pushing out and inflating

Balloon box (36.7 KB)