Infinite Ground Plane Won't Delete

Hello! I am having an issue when i render with VRay. I think the issue stems back to Rhino. When I render photos there is no sky and there appears to only be an infinite plane. I have deleted the Vray Infinite plane and that doesnt seem to be the issue. I THINK the problem is the Rhino Ground Plane wont delete off my Vray geometries even though it is turned off on my Rhino settings. HELP

Settings Rhino:
-Sun: On (with proper settings)
-Skylight: On (with proper settings)
-Rhino Ground Plane: OFF

Settings Vray:
-Environment Background: Sky (with proper Settings)
-Lights Rhino Document: Sun On

I definitely see a Vray infinite plane active in your asset editor. Click on the icon to disable it. Just like the Rhino groundplane icon: when light gray it is disabled.

Hello! Yes it was on in this screenshot, but I have also rendered it with the Vray plane deleted / off and have had the same result

In that case try importing your file into a new file and see if the problem persists.

Still having the same problem, I also uninstalled by rhino and Vray yet no luck

which exact versions of Rhino and V-Ray are you running? Maybe you can post a simple model that has this issue