Releasing an object from a Vray setting

I typically use for a rendering several Vray materials and basic Rhino render materials. When I give an object a Vray setting it will stay attached to that object even if I turn off the Vray setting for it. It overrides the rhino render setting for some reason. Any ideas? Thanks.

Never mind. If I use the match button I can snap it out of its VRay setting.

I have also seen that behavior a few times. It seems to be a bug in Vray.
Some times it disappears by restarting Rhino, some times i had to change the material to several different Rhino-materials until the settings were accepted.

Are you seeing this issue in V-Ray For Rhino 2.0 Service Release 2.0? Do you have a file that causes this issue and/or steps to cause this issue?

Yes, it happened with Vray 2.0. Most times, the error disappears after restarting Rhino, so i can’t “freeze” it in a file. I have seen that issue after changing an object’s material from a Vray-material back to a Rhino-material. I can’t remember any “special” circumstances, that make it happened.