Infeasible volume

I am trying to optimize the IPE beam, but keep getting Solution failed - either related to nonnegativity or infeasible volume problem.
I have tried to define the problem in several different ways, checking the units and using the Usernodes.
However, the result is not possible to be obtained:

Thanks in advance.

Hi Neira,

Without the source file, it’s a little difficult to provide detailed guidance, but an infeasible solution usually means that the problem, as specified, is inherently unstable, or that the load case is not inside the design domain. If this is not the case, the node structure may also be the problem. Currently, auto-generated nodes are placed on a grid with spacing determined by the largest dimension in the design domain. Consequently, domains shaped like an IPE beam can generate very few nodes in the design domain for low nodal division values. Increasing the nodal division may help solve this problem.

Kind regards,