Peregrine user nodes issue

I’m having trouble getting user nodes to work in my 2D model.

I have user nodes applied as shown below:

This is what shows up as the preview though:

I’ve tried creating meshes, surfaces, etc. Nothing seems to work. I’m attaching my script as well.
What am I doing wrong?
Stair (35.6 KB)

You must adjust your domain division number.

I try with 50 abnd its seem to work

I am a Peregrine beginner, but I think you can use a surface instead of a triangulated mesh to define your domain.

Your definition will be easier

Hi Jared,

I am unable to try out your file as you’re using some plugins that I don’t have - however from your preview it looks like nodes aren’t being generated inside the domain - only on the edges. You mentioned you have tried with surfaces - I would suggest returning to one of those files and increasing the density of user-defined nodes. An example of how to use user-nodes is shown in in the example files.

You must adjust your domain division number.

Thank you for your reply Jacques! Adding a nonzero nodal density to the design domain will create more auto-generated nodes which will then be used to find a solution over the user-defined nodes.

Kind regards,

Thanks Jacques,
I am wanting to use a specified grid of nodes (Usernodes). This is the part I cannot get to work.

Hi Jack,
I’ve been having this problem in 2D and 3D for quite sometime. I’m attaching a file simplified in a manner you suggested and I don’t think it has any special plug-ins now. Please let me know if you understand what the trouble is.
Stair (33.8 KB)


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Hi Jared

After looking at your file, I am having difficulty identifying the problem; your approach is similar to how I would have done it. I have contacted the lead developer and I will update you when we identify the problem.

Kind regards,