LPSolver errors


I try to run Peregrine on a 3D structure.
I don’t really understand where the problem is perhaps in the number of domain divisions.

I am setting up a structure with 10 columns and a ring at the top.

All the surfaces are joined and I have a closed brep at the end.

I have some nodal load on the upper ring

But when i connect my ProbSpec on LP solver, (long completion : 2.1min) i have an errors message (in french)

That said, the indexes are out of range, they cannot be negative and must be smaller than the size of the collection …

Any ideas ?

Thankstest pergrine.gh (16.6 KB)

Hi Jacques

I suspect you are right about the number of the domain divisions. When a 3D domain has a large hole in the centre, such as yours, unused nodes are generated in the empty space inside the hole, so you need a high node density so that enough nodes are assigned to the domain in order to find a feasible solution. You can sidestep this using user-defined nodes, as shown in LPSolver_UserNodes.gh in the example files. For auto-generated nodes, increasing the node density is generally the way we’d suggest to try to fix this – but I’m having difficulty getting this to work for your problem.
I will look into this and update you.

Kind regards,

Great thanks for your reply.

Hi Jacques

As I mentioned above, we would generally recommend solving problems for a domain such as yours using user-defined nodes. However, after looking into your problem, we’ve identified a potential bug in this feature, which we are currently investigating. In the mean time, increasing the nodal density may address the problem, however I appreciate this means long solving times.

Kind regards,

OK thanks for your answer.
I will try with imposed user-defined nodes.
Looking forward to your comments on the mentioned bugs.