Individual Layer Selection in Viewports

Hi I wanted to leave some feed back on something I would really like to see in Rhino, which too my knowledge it is not yet possible.

When viewing the model in view ports I think it would be great to beable to switch different layers off and on in different view ports on different pages. When viewing and dimensioning individual parts currently I find this difficult and end up copying the individual parts other places in the drawing so I can create individual drawings which makes the document bigger and also makes more work and extra work if I need to alter something on the design and need to update all the copies as well instead of the one model.

If I have missed this feature I would love to know how to do this or if not in Rhino I would love to see this in the very near future if possible. Would create a great work flow.

Kind Regards


Hi Ben - this is possible in Layouts - use HideLayersInDetail or use the visibility controls on the layer panel when a detail is active.


Ok this is great help , thank you for pointing this out Pascal much appreciated.

  • Ben