Incremental circle pattern within boundaries?

Any idea how to do this in grasshopper ?

so i tried to do do line to dxf with illustrator to solve a design, but no luck.
ive been trying to mace a simple circle pattern, incremental in diameter and also distance between circle.
BLEND did not give me and incramental distance.
TRANSFORM EFFECT gave me incremental distance and distance , i made it into a brush and aligned it on a curve.
Ive got some distorted circles, but also, its not following the boundries (RED)

I think this is what you want. It requires “anemone” and it uses a center curve.
(the red circles are just to show how it is achieved, you can turn their preview off) (34.9 KB)

edit: sorry, I had forgoten to internalize the curves. now it’s fine.


Check this as well… (16.3 KB)

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Not on my PC so I don’t know if it still work or useful but there was some discussion on old forum

I did this four years ago. Can’t find the code I wrote to do it… But instead of being constrained by two curves, this model created those two curves as a by-product of other goals, including how many circles to fit on a base curve, begin and end circle sizes, overlap…


This is great , thank you !
im not sure what you did with the " internalize the curves"
could you share that fix file please ?

I had changed the file, they are internalized now

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Yes, i re-downloaded but when i open it it seems to miss some parts (from your screen grab)
and i dont know what exactly is wrong/missing.

could you please re-upload the correct file ?
the current file has missing components.

I’m sorry for the -more than- late response, I was working on a project and didn’t visit the site for quite some time now.
I rechecked the file again. It is not missing anything. My guess is that you might have different unit tollerance and it is affecting the Circle point guide -in my definition I have it very close to the previous circle-.
If you reduce the tollerance in rhino or increase the number you see in the picture, everything should work fine.