Inconvenience with Shortest Walk creating duplicate path while ignoring different same length path

Hi guys,

I am doing some branching like systems and I was using Daniel González Abalde’s great variable offset component".

For this component to work, each segment of a branch must be joined into a polyline. To avoid data tree witchcraft it is common to use the shortest walk component to every end point, which creates these polylines.

Problem is, in my geometry, I sometimes have the same end point for 2 different paths, of same length.
But for some reason, the shortest walk is ignoring some paths, despite the fact that the length to the end point of the path is the same. (Black lines), and instead its duplicating the path (as there are 2 end points).

Any ideas on how I could solve this?
-Force the shortest walk to actually generate every path?
-Maybe there is a method to generate the polylines without using the shortest component?

Thank you.
Def: (64.5 KB)

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What if you intentionally make the same destination points slightly off from their originals? (71.9 KB)

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Ha! Thats super smart Kim! I think this will work for now. Thank you.