Duplicate Branch


Is there a component to duplicate branches? Preferably it would function like the duplicate data component, but for branches. My current solution seems like a long workaround. I am trying to divide a sequence of polycurves into very specific lengths in order to turn the sequence into a mesh. What makes it tricky is that each segment of the polycurve needs to be divided in the same way (count) through the sequence.

190114 Curve to Mesh.3dm (33.9 KB)
190114 Curve to Mesh.gh (19.0 KB)

Just found out there is a mesh loft component. Would still like to know how to duplicate branches.

No one has any ideas? I guess I’ll just have to write one via GhPython then.

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190114 Curve to Mesh_re.gh (19.3 KB)

This was a simplified example to highlight an issue. There are no guarantees that the curves are touching, and there may be many curves touching at one point.

I usually use DulicateData then PartitionList with the length of the original list.

I think that it is too long how to get duplicate paths.
I hope this will help.

190117 Curve to Mesh.gh (21.2 KB)

Interesting. I almost always go into GhPython when I have to deal with more complex tree operations, so there are a bunch of native tree components that I am not aware of. Thanks for the tip.