Inconsistent Surface Creation from Curves

I’m having some difficulty creating surfaces between two curves.I’ve tried using the Surface from curves: but I’m getting different results as shown in picture

My goal is to consistently create surfaces between both selected curves, similar to the second example. I’m unsure what factors are causing this inconsistency and would appreciate any insights or suggestions on how to achieve reliable results.
surface (48.3 KB)

Hi -

The inner curve of the pair that doesn’t do what you expect has a self-intersection:

When you fix that, the plane that you expect will be created.

thank you for answering my query .is there any way , that we can fix self intersecting curves in grasshopper ?

Hi -

Perhaps something like this can be automated?

surface doubts-remove (48.3 KB)

But there might be several self-intersections and situations where deleting a single point isn’t enough to resolve the situation. It’d be best to prevent this situation from occurring in the code that creates the curves.

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thank you wim dekeyser