ERROR self-intersecting input curves were found

How can I create surface on this dome, pls? The PlanarSurf does not work same for surface from network curves :frowning:

To create what you had you don’t need all those curves…
A simply command railrevolve can do that one step.
You only need 2 curves

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Ok, thank you! I did the new one, different shape, as I have still the same error. The command TestCrvSelfIntersection found 7 points, not sure how to go about it. Would appreciate some helpDOME_ATTEMPT3.3dm (499.9 KB)

What are you actually trying to do here? Why are you trying to essentially surface a mesh? If that’s what you want to do, there are other ways to do it, or PlanarSrf would work if you fixed the self-intersections–just Explode the curves, and use SelDup to remove the duplicates–but the lingering question is why? Why are you using Rhino? Have you looked at the basic training?

This is what you try to do?
DOME_OPTION.3dm (5.8 MB)

Yeah, I tried this method! I wanted to create dome structure, same as I designed for my uni structural engineering project and 3d print it. I will check this out and try to create the file again