Inconsistent Beam Joints


I am working on creating a beam grid with a diaphragm on it. I am trying to assign joints at the connection of joists to exterior beams and I noticed that 1) not all the joints are appearing and 2) the location of the joints varies with the mesh resolution of Karamba’s “Mesh Breps” component. In the first photo, MRes = 0.938 and in the second photo Mres = 1.258. I’m not sure what the issue is, any help is appreciated.

Thank you.
Beam Grid with (39.5 KB)

Hi mgoldberg,
when you decrease the size of the joint symbols to e.g. 0.2 in ModelView under ‘Display Scales’ you can see that no hinges are missing.
When changing the mesh resolution, the X-direction of some interior beams switches and so the corresponding hinge-symbol change sides.


Thank you Clemens!