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I am trying to create an in place floor component as a in place Revit Floor Family Component. It works if it’s a give the category generic model but it won’t create it as a Revit Floor Family Component. If I were to create the it in Revit I would select in place model - category floor and create the geometry that is needed. How do I reproduce that same but with Rhino geometry using Rhino Inside Revit?

Floors (8.6 KB)

Hi Ttraber,

Floors don’t have a family template and are considered a System Family. These can be added with the Add Floor Component with your rectangle as a Boundary, the component also takes an optional floor type & level.

The In-Place family is the Add Direct Shape Geometry component. If you had a modeled floor that you wanted in the floor category that is how you add it. There is also an Add Direct Shape Type that behaves more like a family in placement than the Add Direct Shape (which will come in world coordinates only)

Also see that a Boundary Surface of a planar polyline will extrude to a Closed Brep, so no need to cap.

Thank you for you reply. I have something that is a little more complicated than a single floor. Our sports studio models their arena bowls in Revit by creating a model in place component with the category set to floors they draw the profile of the bowl and then sweep that shape based on the bowl type. It creates a new floor component family that acts as a floor. One of the main reason for this is they need to be able to extend the tops of walls to the underside of the bowl. I can get the geometry from Rhino to Revit as a direct shape, I can get it in as an in place component but not under the floor category only categories like generic or slab foundation. So I am not sure what differences are but it doesn’t seem like it’s possible to do this.

Ok we found a solution.
Processing: Floor Template.rft…
Floor (331.5 KB)

The attached Revit 2020 family template is of the floor category.

This was derived from this workaround. #003_SystemFamily to LoadableFamily_Revit on Vimeo

Note: this process isn’t available in 2022, the group only saves to .rvt instead.

Awesome thank you so much I really appreciate it!

I will take a look at this right away

Hi @Japhy

Thanks for passing on a floor template for this to workflow.

I have tired both options, in a Place Floor Component

  • New Component Family - With using the provided template
  • Ad Geometry Direct Shape - Floor

Both these current workflows are not providing volumes.

This is a BIM requirement on a current project to quantify concrete quantities.

Would you know how we could get the Volume to show in Custom Floors Direct shapes.

Just another thing. How can we apply a Material…
I have tried to apply this through 2 components below
Component Family Form
Add Geometry Direct Shape

The Add Geometry Direct Shape will take the material. The Component Family Form is not related and creates a Brep in the Family Document, where as the Direct Shape is created directly in the Project Document.

If Revit isn’t capable of getting Volume in the Element you will need to Get that information out of the Element Geometry and return it to the Revit Element as a Schedulable Parameter.

Something like this…

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