Improving mesh obtained from photogrammetry

Hello there

I have a new challenge.

I was able to use meshroom to generate a obj file of my University planning hull boat.

However the surface is too bumpy in regions where it should not be.

I searched a bit about reverse engineering and the piece of advice I found was “do not do it unless really necessary” :slight_smile:

I managed to extract the hull mesh from the rest (it generated even the background) and I used Blender to lower the number of faces and smooth it a bit so it was easier to work (my laptop was having trouble with the original mesh because the amount of points/faces )

So now my challenge is to make the geometry less bumpy so I can rebuild it using NUrbs instead of point. (The mesh to nurbs command crashes instantly.)

Any help and free plugins tips are welcome :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again

Just model it, using the mesh to check accuracy.

Hi - If you have access to the Rhino 7 WIP, you could try to create a quad mesh out of the original mesh and then convert that to SubD and from there to NURBS.

I don’t have it yet. I only have access to rhino on my internship or in my college. But I am trying to save money to buy myself a copy before I finish college.

Is there any way I can get access to 7 WiP via my University’s license ?

Hi - At least when using the Cloud Zoo, you should be able to just install the WIP. It uses the same license as Rhino 6.

I will ask for the technicians if they could install it for me, I don`t have admin access on the computers, thanks for the help everyone