Importing Revit geometry based on classes?

I have a quick question. Is it possible to import/filter geometry based on Classes?
For example, I have a window family and only want the glass panels.

Perhaps, it really depends on how the Materials are applied. I think you would get better results via the Elements Subcategories… (15.3 KB)

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For this project, I have consulted with several experts. They informed me that when defining subcategories, they retain the ability to modify the name. Consequently, when an object is named ‘Glass (1)’, for instance, the subcategory ceases to function. However, when I apply a filter to classes, it appears to filter only the text, not the geometry. Perhaps you have a solution for this issue?

I’ll need more Info to be able to help.

One issue might be that you will first need to get the Elements Geometry in relation to its materials, which could applied a number of ways. The class sort would need to come after that step.

What specific information do you require? Would it be beneficial if I shared my model or the segment of the Grasshopper script that I utilize for importing the Revit model?

We’ll need to know what you are trying to accomplish and all the variables involved in an example to be able to help answer the question properly. You can get the materials class, but can you get the geometries material the way you require?

Now when I try to get the glass geometry, it is only based on the material name. But if there is a curtain window with different material names for glass, the solution does not work. Therefore, I am trying to solve the problem using classes.

Here is an example of sorting out curtain panels by their Glass class. (9.4 KB)

Thanks, with some slight ajustments to this example i made it work so now it can also sort out curtain panels.