Importing environment problems

Hi everyone,

I am having problems with importing environments from the library. I have been using rhino for years now, but when i want to import something from a library (like lighting or environments), i run into a problem. I get directed to my documents file on my computer, and i can’t find the right map of files. As if they don’t exist anymore.

Is there a possibility that i deleted the files by accident? And if so, is there a place where i can download the default files given by rhino?

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Tom Wassing

Hi @Tom_Wassing ,

Make sure you are up to date with service releases from our Download page first in case that is the root cause. Then when you click the + in the Environments panel choose Import from Environment Library.

That should bring you to this folder on Windows…
C:\Users[YOUR USER NAME]\AppData\Roaming\McNeel\Rhinoceros\7.0\Localization\en-US\Render Content\Environments

The HDR texture files in these environments as well as any textures in library materials imported in this same way from the Materials panel are downloaded on demand so make sure you are online and Rhino is allowed to access the internet on your system.

Any luck?

Hi Brian,

Somehow the files moved to another folder. I got it to work again. Thnx for the reply

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