Imported blocks are invisible

Hello. I am having an issue with importing Blocks into files. I thought the problem had to do with importing blocks that had blocks within them that had the same name (for example, I have 7 modules, and each module has a base block that is the same). In order to test my theory I went back into every module, exploded them, created new blocks that just had polygons and curves, renamed each one as a new block, and then tried importing them into a brand new file. What’s happening is that the first time I say import Module 2 blocks into a new file I can’t see them. If I go into the actual Module 2 blocks file and copy/ paste them into the new file then both blocks (the original imported invisible version AND the pasted version both become visible). Any ideas on what is going on here?

Hi Caila - can you post your files?

Unfortunately I’m limited with what I can share by an NDA