Ghost Blocks - Manager won't let me delete

Hey all,

I imported a 2D Block (with a bunch of other nested 2D blocks in it - font outlines, etc) that someone else made.

I exploded everything in the block so I just have 2D Crvs and hatches, and now Block Manager won’t let me get rid of the original Block and nested blocks, saying there are Instances in the model, but there are none. Checked my drawing sheets, as well.

So, Ghost Blocks. Thoughts?

Obvi, next time I’ll explode, etc in a sep file and get the geo ready before importing it. I don’t want to have to copy/paste my whole model and sheets into a fresh file if I don’t have to.


Hello - did you Explode, or ExplodeBlock? The latter will explode right through all the nesting.


Thanks @pascal - yes, I had - but turns out user error! They were hiding on me. Found them and was able to delete.

Thx as always for the quick reply

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