Import x-y value from excell

I have 28 pair of x and Y values for a wing profile in excell. It would be conviniant to be able to import these values into Rh as points.
Mvh Stefan.

Rhino has no native tools to do that.
I think this is possible using Grasshopper, but I’ve never done it myself.

Ok thank you, I will try grasshopper,
Best regards Stefan

@Stefan_Tornblom If you save the Excel file as a .csv, you should be able to import that directly in Rhino (without needing to use Grasshopper). If it’s only X and Y values, the Z values will be 0. Beware when using Import or Open to set the correct delimiter in the import options.

It’s also possible without GH using a Rhinoscript or a Python script… I had some old Rhinoscripts, but I can’t find them anymore…

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