Import Shape File not Responding

I’ve tried to reference various Shape Files, but each time the software times out.

This forum prevented me from uploading an SHP file so I changed the extension to TXT, with the hope that it could be downloaded and the extension altered back to SHP.

nz-building-outlines - Copy.txt (4.6 KB)

After posting the above, I let the process continue to load, after about 10 minutes Rhino closed/crashed without any prompts.

I know nothing about Shape Files… Do I understand correctly that we should rename the .txt file you posted as nz-building-outlines.shp?

Instead of supplying this file name using a text panel, as you did in the video, I right-clicked the ‘F’ input of the Import SHP component and selected the file:

When I select the renamed file, the component turns red and displays this error message:

  1. The *.SHX file for the nz-building-outlines project is missing



  • .shp—The main file that stores the feature geometry; required.
  • .shx—The index file that stores the index of the feature geometry; required.
  • .dbf—The dBASE table that stores the attribute information of features; required.

As @Joseph_Oster points out, you will need the SHX and PRJ files that come zipped with the SHP file you download from the website. When posting a shapefile for troubleshooting, you can include these associated files in a zipped file or just post the original zip.