Import SAP model

I’m having some trouble importing a large SAP model. When I try with a sample frame building (made using the template options which pops open when you first open SAP) the process works fine. However when I try with my real model, Grasshopper seems to freeze. Is there a practical limit on SAP model size that can be imported? For reference the test file is 35kb while the real file is 22,000kb.

If so are there any hints to get around this?



Hi Matthew,

Thanks for posting. Sure, the file size might be coming into play here, particularly the process will make many calls to the API to retrieve data one at a time.

What are you looking to do with the data downstream? You could consider exporting the SAP model to IFC and then importing that into Grasshopper. You might have some questions as to how to query this as IFC isn’t necessarily intuitive.

There is some effort to support .s2k files as an alternative, there is an IFC to Sap component that might do the heavy work for you.