Import Revit Floor Plan into Rhino

Hello All,

I see a Floor Plan component in Rhino.Inside.Revit, in which I can reference a level from the Revit file.

I wonder if there’s any way to use this component, or any other way to import a floor plan from Revit to Rhino directly using grasshopper.

Thank you!

Hi Rteuman,

The Floor Plan you are seeing in the View Component is a View Type. The View itself can contain a variety of graphical elements; Model, Annotation as well as linked files.

Typically you would identify the Model Elements you need and bake them into the Rhino document as 3D geometry.

If you are looking 2d linework of all the view elements a dwg export is the way to go.

Alternatively you can cast the Floor Plan to image and bring that in to Rhino.

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Thanks for the info Japhy!