Importing Linked Cad from Revit to Rhino

Hi everyone,

I am trying to import a Linked Cad from Revit to Rhino. I tried to use the node Graphical element but I could do it. Is this the right way to do this?

Thanks in advance!

Hey @bbalbastre ,

Not sure about your needs, but depending on what you are trying to achieve, you can use one of the components that previews element geometry (eg. Element Geometry, Element Preview, Element View Geometry, etc…) to get the geometry of the linked CAD and then bake the geometry to Rhino.

Or you can get the path of the link and import that through grasshopper to Rhino :thinking:

Let us know more some more details if the above does not help you.


B, Please see the Guide for possible workflows.

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Thank you @M.Tarabishy the component I was looking for was Element Preview, since I wanted to import some linked cad geometries from revit to Rhino in order to locate correctly the geometry according to the revit coordinates!

Thank you both of you!


Hello Mohamed, I wonder if I have pre-assigned materials to a linked 3dm in Revit. Is there a way I could retain the Materials after baking the 3dm link back to Rhino through the

Hi Realtaiwanese,

Not quite following, can you post an example?

Depending on the Revit Element Material assignment you may need to use the Element Preview Component