Import of IGES file does not bring in notes and dimensions

I have an IGES file of a 2D drawing from another CAD system. When I import or open the file in Rhino, the geometry is perfect, but none of the dimensions or annotations are imported.

I’ve double checked that the IGES file does, in fact, include the dimensions by importing it into another IGES viewer. Does Rhino support the import of dimensions and notes in IGES files?


Hi Adam - Rhino does not support dimensions and annotation in IGES, no… geometry only.


OK. Thank you for the clarification. I didn’t see this in any documentation.

Notes should come in via IGES actually… Depends on how other CAD programs write notes to the IGES. Normally they are in the file header (open the IGES in a text editor to see). If you export an IGES that contains notes from Rhino and re-import it, you will see that they do come in.


Interesting. I do have quite a bit of control regarding how the IGES file is originally generated. I’ll look into this further as it may provide a workable approach for me.

This is what the first few lines of my test file look like - note that the notes are really the first line(s) of the file, before the rest of the header info…

Thank you.

I guess I should have been more explicit. I wasn’t actually talking about notes from the Notes command in Rhino. I was talking about dimensions and annotations for things like technical drawings–things like leaders, text boxes, and linear dimensions.

Ahh, OK, sorry, I think you’re out of luck there. If your downstream program supports it, you might want to try exporting just the annotations as DXF and then importing the DXF after the IGES… Bad workaround, but maybe better than nothing.


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