Import obj directly into Grasshopper


(Prcthms) #1

hi all,
I used to use the LocalCode import component (see image) to reference .obj files directly into Grasshopper, but it doesn’t seem to be doing it anymore. Is there another way to directly reference .obj files that I’m missing?
I basically have tons (literally over 1000) of .objs that I exported from an animation in Blender and want to be able to use these in Grasshopper without importing them into Rhino first.

(Amir Soltani) #2

LocalCodeImport works fine here (on both Rhino 5 and 6)

(Prcthms) #3

thanks a lot for your reply!
do you have another version of LocalCode perhaps (it looks different…) - would you mind sending me the .gha file so I can test if it works?
all the best,

(David S. Mavrov) #4

Sorry, I might be wrong, but double check your file path. LocalCode works here too…

(Prcthms) #5

hi David,
thing is, it is importing the geometry, as in: it bakes it in Rhino (so the file path must be right) but the component doesn’t create an output (see orange wire coming out of the G component)…

(David S. Mavrov) #6

Yes I saw it. Try importing in the Default layer? It is indeed strange…
Move the file out of Dropbox?

(Prcthms) #7

that did it - thanks a lot David!!

(David S. Mavrov) #8

Ok. Then create the layer before you import, so you can work as you wish. Also somites Grasshopper does not like if the files are in Dropbox. Have no idea why, probably permissions or something, but on certain computers I got issues before.

Anyway… Give a brother a Like :stuck_out_tongue:

(Prcthms) #9

many likes, david.