Import Named Positions

It would be great if there was a way to import Named Positions from other documents the same way you can import Layer States from other documents.

I found that Named Positions can be quite useful to help automate a script, but unfortunately, I have several hundred files created that don’t have the Named Positions, and it would be so much easier to somehow import them then to create them manually in each file. I have a template that I put my parts into, and the Named Positions are always exactly the same, they select blocks that contain the objects in various orientations… so going forward, I can just update the template, but I have no good way to update previous files with the Named Positions.

Are there any workarounds I could use to quickly update previous files with the Named Positions?
Perhaps a script to save the Named Positions to a file and another script to load the Named Positions from the file?
or maybe somehow have grasshopper create the Named Positions?

any suggestions?

Named positions are dependent on the items (object ids) you register the positions of. So how would you expect this to work?

For what I was trying to do here, I had 3 copies of a block in different orientations in a template, I would blockedit the master version of the block and replace the contents of it with a different variation of the part, that would end up making my part show up in the copies of the block in the other orientations.
The Named Positions, select the copies of the block in the template, which always have the same object IDs.

The problem is that I didn’t think of this until after I had 40 copies of this file… as I’m a noob kind of just figuring things out. I had a similar issue with the saved layer states… but since that is able to import the layer states from another file, I was able to quickly update the existing files with the new layer states. It would have been helpful to update the named positions in the same way.

Example: I got a scene from my client and I did a complex render setup. Now my client want to send me the named positions for my scene he saved at his file. I need to bring the positions to my file where the same objects are.

Example2: I have a complex interior ready for rendering. My client send me a new modul which I should add. The modul is a complex mechanism with named positions to render. There is now way to import the model and the positions.

I would like to import the named poitions like I can import layer states.


I added this thread to RH-59692 named positions do not import or cut/paste from one file to another-

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