How to import geometry with named positions?


my client sent me some components of an assembly with named positions. If I import the geometry than I don’t get the named positions imported, but also I can’t find an export/import functionality. What can I do?


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Hi Micha - I don’t see a good way out at the moment.


Hi Pascal,

it could be great if two ways could be added:

  • export/import of the states
  • if a objects with named positions are imported than the named positions could be added to the current file like know from named views

What do you think?


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Today I got a model from my client with named positions and I need to import geometry and positions to my main scene. This limit needs a solution, please.

where was the geometry originally built? if it’s a rhino file, simply file>open

I have a Rhino scene A and want to import for example a seat from Rhino file B. The seat is saved with named positions. There is no way to bring the seat from file B to A and to keep the named positions.

I believe it’s doable through RhinoCommon

is this v6 or v7 wip? I believe this has been added to v7-

I tried v7 wip - at import geometry with assigned named positions the positions get lost and at the named position UI is no button for exporting/importing named positions.

Just tested it here… you are correct this is not working… will write it up!

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Great, thank you very much. Now it’s at the tracker and so there is hope. :slight_smile:

@theoutside Today I run in the situation again to import geometry and the named positions are missing. At the tracking system I see that it is not sure who was the developer. Could you help please and bring it to the right table? A progress would be very welcome.

it’s in the system, as the devs work through their piles, (older to newer) this will be assigned and start moving through the system (which is automated) … Our devs get and work on hundreds if not thousands of issues a month, and we are a very small team…Sorry I don’t have a better response other than we are working on it, and it has it’s place in line.