Import materials from the Rhino Library do not import into the document

Im trying to assign materials from the Rhino import library. Im able to access and select them but they do not appear in the materials list inside the rendor window?
Im on a iMac 2013 with the latest version of Rhino 6. The upload is not working as it says the file is too big. Any ideas for what to try?

Hi Rick - I’m not seeing that here with a simple test.
I launch Rhino for a factory-default template and then…

  • go to the Materials panel
  • Click on the + button and then on Import from Material Library...
  • Browse, select a material and then click Open
  • and then see that material in the Materials panel

Is there anything that you are doing differently?
The file shouldn’t end up too big to be able to upload here after this procedure…

Hi Wim,

Those are the exact same steps that Im following. Once I open the panel and choose a material then click on it, I am taken back to the materials window in Rhino but the selected material does not appear?

I also have Rhino for Windows and have no problems when doing the same technique there.

Not sure what to try next?

Thanks for your help!



Hi Rick -

The next thing to try is to reset your preferences to the factory-default values. You can use the ResetPreferences command for this. If you have any customization that you would like to keep, use the ExportPreferences command first.