Can I import materials from Rhino Mac to Rhino Win?

I’ve made some very basic materials in my Rhino Mac custom materials library and would like to bring them over to my PC so I can use the exact same materials on both of my systems (one Mac, one PC). Is this possible? Can I simply copy the files from my Mac into a particular directory in Windows, or is there an import materials function in Rhino Windows?

Thanks forum.

To somewhat answer my own question, at least superficially, I realized if I add a material to any object in my Rhino Mac scene, then open it up in Windows, that materials has been carried with it and can be worked with. Perhaps obvious, but presumably there is a better way to move materials from one platform to the other. Until I take the time to figure out the “right way”, this will suffice!

Hi Jason - it looks like you cannot directly import rmtl files from Rhino for Mac to Rhino for Windows. At least my test failed. @dan - do you know if this should work? You can open Rhno files from Rhino for mac in Rhino for Windows and any materials in use, that is assigned to object or layers will come across.


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Exactly, this is how I am doing it currently, which works just fine for now. I’ll keep my ears perked for any other methods as I move ahead.

Sorry to the delayed reply. Yeah, I don’t think it works in that direction. I’m looking for the reason why right now, but I remember conversations concerning this and I think that was one of the main limitations of the approach we took to support RhinoRender on Mac.