Import files in rhino and work with gh and ladybug

Hi guys
I’m at the beginning
with grasshopper
i wanted to start using some apps like ladybug in bim
can i import ifc or fbx files into rhino and then work with them in grasshopper with ladybug?
i read i can with elefront
it’s right ?
is someone good enough to explain to me how?
or am I wrong? can’t it be done or is there another way?
i want to avoid modeling with grasshopper

Hi - Native Rhino doesn’t import IFC files but FBX will work.
When you get it into Rhino, it becomes just like Rhino geometry.
If you are able to use that geometry for Ladybug/Honeybee will simple depend on the geometry.
Please visit to learn more.

there are many very interesting grasshopper analysis plugins, my question can be summed up as: do you need to model in grasshopper to use them or is there a way to bypass grasshopper by importing somehow?

Hi - if you insist on this being a general question then I’m sure a definite answer can’t be provided. We don’t decide how third-party plug-ins work.
Apart from that, you can reference Rhino geometry in Grasshopper.

i understand
from params < choose componet and set geometry of rhino or choose component pipeline and filter from name
but i didn’t understand how elefront works

Hi -

I don’t use Elefront but I’m sure someone who does will be able to answer your questions. But then you’ll probably have to be more specific than just “how does it work?”.
Upload your Grasshopper definition and ask a specific question.