Import and layer problem

When I import STP files with solids they arrive in Rhino 6 all on one layer. That’s no problem. They are also only one object… that’s no problem either.
I ungroup or smash these parts, and end up with individual solids. However, it is not possible to use Cut and Paste to current layer, and also the object properties cannot be changed.
Object properties like ‘colour by layer’ can be set to the objects, but the display does not reflect this. Even the layer changes show up in the object properties, but the display does not reflect this. What is going on ?

Can you post a sample file?

Hi @spitfire3d, your geometry was likely imported as a block. You can see which object type you imported from the properties window. A block can be exploded so you can change the layer and color of the geometry inside the block.


Hi Clement,

That’s it. I imported an assembly of parts all as blocks. When I exploded one I had control of layers and colours again. It is a shame the blocks cannot be treated as their component geometry. It looks like I have to import the assembly components one by one, then.

Many thanks for clearing this issue.