Import all new Display modes with just one click to Rhino

I need to Script{or command } to Import all new Display modes Simultaneously with just one click to Rhino
or This is possible in the new update of Rhino 6 and 7*{For example, by dragging(*.ini) on the Rhino screen}*
Because * .ini files are currently entering Rhino one by one
And that’s a lot of tedious and time consuming files

Maybe try import options and check only View checkbox. You need fist to export the options where display modes are.

Hi, you can try the script below - it should let you pick the ini files and import all at once…

Option Explicit
Call Main()
Sub Main()

	Dim arrFiles : arrFiles = Rhino.OpenFileNames("DisplayMode Files to import?", "DisplayMode Files (*.ini)|*.ini|All Files (*.*)|*.*||")
	If isnull(arrFiles) Then Exit Sub

	Dim i    		 
	For i=0 To Ubound(arrFiles)
		Call Rhino.ImportViewDisplayMode(arrFiles(i), True)
End Sub

thanks very useful

You can use this version:
ImportMultipleDisplayModes.rvb (537 Bytes)
Just save on your HD and drag-and-drop into Rhino vport - it will add Alias/command:


hi @Jarek i need import Multiple Hatch too
please help me thank

HATCH RHINO.rar (75.4 KB)

Here you go (same instruction as below, save on HD, drag into Rhino vport; from then on, the alias will be: ImportMultipleHatchPatterns )

ImportMultipleHatchPatterns.rvb (568 Bytes)

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