Wish: Ability to import multiple display modes at once

Main wish: Make it possible to import multiple display modes simultaneously. Importing them one by one is really slow now and requires plenty of mouse clicks and mouse wheel scrolling in the Rhino options panel…

Bonus wish: Ability to turn on and off the curves, points and surface wires by the press of a button. Or maybe a command? That will eliminate the need to open the properties panel and reach the corresponding tickboxes in the Display tab.

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For now until implemented in Rhino, you can try this:

And more on Macro-ing display modes features:

I agree, would be nice to have the above available in vanilla Rhino.

hth for now


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Thank you, @Jarek ! I will try these when I get back to home an will share my thoughts.



Got that, thanks.

RH-81931 Options -import multiple display modes


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