Import .3ds model: change geometries position

My name is Daniele, I’m not a Rhino user, I simply create interior 3d models in 3ds max.
The workflow is always the same for each model: I model clean quad mesh based geometries, reset transformation (ResetXForm) and export in .3ds format.
Then I test the model importing it in other 3d packages, including Rhino, and I have no problems.

My client needs to open the .3ds model in Rhino too, but when it opens some meshes are not correctly positioned, it seems the model is explosed: some parts here and some there.

I honestly can’t understand the reason why because:
1- It happens only with some models
2- the workflow is exactly the same with all models
3- In my 3d packages all works correctly.

This is the link of two of them which give problems:

Can I ask you to test them please? Which could be the problem?

Thank you very much in advance for any help.

Hi Daniele,

I have seen this issue before with 3ds models coming from 3DSMax coming to Rhino, but could not figure out the reason or a pattern why sometimes some model element locations would change position and orientation.
In general 3ds is a good format, but on occasions when 3ds was having issues I use .obj format - there is a lot of export option in 3dsMax for this format and bunch of Import obj options in Rhino so I am sure a right workflow can be found. Never had position jumping issues with obj.
Once in Rhino, obj models may need to be ‘processed’ a bit, including Weld/Unweld and RebuildMeshNormals commands.



Hi Daniele- this is what the models look like in Rhino here:

Is that what’s expected?


Thank you Jarek for your fast answer.
did you test the model linked above? Have you got the same problem?
Yes you’re right, using other format the problem can be solved, but unfortunatly in this kind of project the exchange format for all operators is the .3ds

Anyway thank you very much.

This is how it looks over here on import:

Thank you Pascal,
yes it seems all right in your rhino too. Mha…

Hi Daniele - if the user is using V5, please suggest to them that they get the most recent service release from If on V4, there may not be much to do other than upgrtade to v5 - there were some fixes in this area in V5. I’ll attach your objects in V4 format as a possible stop-gap , if you want to pass them along.

model1&2.3dm (2.8 MB)


Yes, in Rhino 4 the imported objects are messed up over here…

Thank you again guy for your advices.

Actually I can’t suggest to upgrade the software 'cause I’m an “external” collaborator, and even if it is the simplest solution, it is out of my possibilities.

By my side I’ve found a simple workaround. I simply open the .3ds on the Rhino in my office 'cause it works, and then I re-saved in .3ds. It works.

I’d like to ask you in this case if it possible to automate the process in rhino, using these actions:
-Open one by one all .3ds file into a folder (the folrder path is fixed, it doesn’t change)
-Re-save in .3ds format overwriting the old one.

Is it complex? Or can I do even if I’m not a pro Rhino user?

Thank you very much again.


hi Daniele,

Sounds like this is a way to go for you.
See attached script that should help you batch process all 3ds files in the given folder (and its sub-folders).



batch_open_and_save_3DS.rvb (2.9 KB)

I thank you very very much Jarek for your script.
Please forgive me for my late answer.

It seems the script works correctly: it loads the .3ds files and it save them in .3dm format. But what I need is that the loaded model is re-saved in .3ds format overwriting the existing one.

Can the script be adjusted?

Thank you again. And good holidays if you are out of office :smile:

Hi Daniele,

Right, the old script saved 3ds as 3dm, sorry - it’s fixed in the one attached.


batch_open_and_save_3DS.rvb (2.6 KB)


Finally… I could not find really anymore this post… I’m using your script these days and everytim I do it I come in this forum to say thank you for that but the search function and my profile page doesn’t allow me easily to find it… anyway, no I’m here.

Thank you for your script :smile:
Have a nice day!

I finde this old issue in the forum. We use already V5, but imported 3ds file lost all transformation informations. The file was created from osg. I can open it with osg or other app, all geometries are in right position, only in rhino all geometries overlay. Any ideas?