Import 3dm add-on for Blender,Error

Hi,I just download an add-on for Blender to import my 3dm.file to Blender.But It turned out to be an error. I’m not familiar with Blender so I cannot figure out why.

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The current release is v0.0.7 ( ). Make sure you download and install the correct zip file for Windows.

Hello, senior

I downloaded the zip file and extracted it somewhere. What should I do afterward?

did you get the latest version ? Release import_3dm v0.0.10 · jesterKing/import_3dm · GitHub

  • also if I remember correctly, you don’t need to unzip it just go to:

    Edit > add-ons > install > navigate to the zip select it and install,
    afterward just check in the list that it is there and it is enabled.

  • depending on the scale you were using in Rhino, your piece may or may not appear in the right size in blender [in its default config. which are Meters]
    if you work in Rhino in mm. it is best to change the units and scale in blender to match Rhino’s. [Best to look for uTube vids on how to do that if you need that info.]


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Yes, I downloaded the same version.

Let me I examine the way you pointed out…

I tried to install the zip file, but it doesn’t appear in blender.

Most likely, I should install .py files, but there are several python files, and I don’t know which ones I should install.

have you tried to restart Blender?

I opened blender newly.
But I haven’t seen a program yet that can use a zip file directly! When you ordered me to expose a zip file to blender, I was amazed, but I trusted your recommendation and supposed maybe blender has an internal WinRar program!

No-one is ordering you anything… do as you wish, here are only suggestions.
and why aren’t you searching for these things, Lots of Blender info is available online. [this is a Rhino forum after all]

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Dear Akash

Excuse me. I used " order" instead of “suggestion”. Pardon me for this mistake :slight_smile:

What I said was not a critique. I just spoke based on my experience that compressed files are not usable for installation directly unless they are extracted.

I don’t want to lose a friend who wants to help me, so please don’t get bothering and continue your instructions, whether on this topic or another thread.
You showed me something that confirms your previous guidance.

I apologize to you again and ask you to allow me I benefit from your knowledge and experiences and learn more new things.

Thank you so much for your grace.

Sincerely Mans

Hi @nathanletwory
Trying to install your add on a new machine.

It install the zip ok, but then gives an error.
The problem is on ARM Blender 3.5.1 and MacBook Pro M2Max.
It says no module named rhino3dm… Even though I can see the module if I look inside the .zip, and Blender won’t let me enable it, any idea?

thanks a lot

You have to restart Blender, then you can enable the add-on.

This is mentioned in the installation notes for v0.0.10

Thanks a lot
[Too much stuff all over the place settling up a new computer… I suppose I’m rushing and forgetting things on the way. ]


Hello, i did restart the Blender, restart the Mac, and nothing, the error still persist. Any tip?