ImageCircles packing kangaroo documentation

Hi everyone,
For research and academic purposes I’m looking for the documentation of one of the Kangaroo’s nodes: ImageCircles.

I’ve found this page where the author (Daniel Piker) uploaded the code of some of the nodes he developed GitHub - Dan-Piker/K2Goals: Example Goals for use with the Kangaroo2 solver
However, the node I’m looking for is not there. Any chance to find the documentation somewhere else? like in a scientific publication or something like that?
Thanks, Riccardo.

Hi @riccardo.foschi2

The ImageCircles goal is very similar to the SphereCollide goal, except for each point it finds the colour value of the closest point on the input coloured mesh and converts it into a radius.
The actual collision response is like a compression only spring between the centres, with its target length as the sum of their radii.

To speed things up it also uses a sweep-and-prune approach for the broad-phase collision detection (to cut down on the number of actual collisions it needs to calculate and avoid a full O(n²) all-against-all calculation).
The SphereCollide goal above also does this, but for ImageCircles it’s a bit more complex as it needs to handle elements of different sizes.

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Thank you very much Daniel I couldn’t expect anything better than an answer from you! Did you publish this in any scientific paper? or did you use a reference by someone else so I can cite it in a possible upcoming publication?
(If not maybe you are interested in being one of the coauthors of the paper we are writing and maybe this could be the occasion to write down how it works for the first time).
kind regards Riccardo