Image Sampling trought pattern line thickness

Hello guys,

I am trying to create a way to reproduce an image trought the line thickness of a specific pattern, like the examples bellow:

I already achieve this result:

But I used masks in Illustrator to blend two different outputs :roll_eyes:


seems to be quite the same thread here

Just for the fun here an example using Variable Pipe (not very fast but it works)

So Generate points on an image, here it is random which is not the best, in you example there is a correlation between the position and radius

generate Circles, one big circle to be white and little circles to be blacks. Circles are moved in Z in order to not overlap.

Transform circle to points and search the brightness of the image

Transform Brightness in radius and make a variable pipe.

Color disk and pipes

thicken curves Xylography variable (26.8 KB)