Digital art - geometry art

How to create lines with different thicknesses, which by changing the thickness of the lines in the eyes, nose and mouth, create a human face with shadows and light?
چگونه میتوان یکسرس خطوط بر اساس یک شکل هندسی ایجاد کرد که با تغییر ضخامت آن خطوط در قسمت های مختلف و ایجاد سایه
روشن مثلا بتوان چشم و دهان و بینی یک صورت را نشان داد؟

This is a relevant discussion and one of my favourite ways of doing this…

Hello I am experimenting some files to also achieve this result… I think in your case you can create check the algorithms with horizontal or vertical lines and inclinate the image in 45º and -45º to use as inputs, after that you use a mask to blend both images in a pattern.

My goal is similar, I am trying to modify any pattern like the images bellow:

there are many many discussions on the subject. The good keyword seems to be xylography