Image Sampler - Script Scale Adjustment / Rotation of Lines


I want to see if I can make adjustment to this script

I want to control the sample size of the image to inches to be edited in illustrator
Also the adjustment in the script help with the thickness of the line but if there is a way to control that by plugging in the min/max in inches rather than a scale factor (158.6 KB)

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I don’t see any script? I see a video that no one wants to watch (though you should, of course). There are many threads on this forum with examples of how to use Image Sampler, did you search for something similar to what you want?

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Hey Joseph!

Thanks for the pointer this is my first time posting on this forum
I posted more edits/details


100,000 pFrames looks excessive to me, especially for a low resolution image like this (245 X 347 pixels). Your result is less than satisfactory, eh? Very small for one thing, most of your spiral (and computation demand) is outside the image bounds. Not obvious how it scales, how resolution is affected or what the parameters do?

For what it’s worth, I always leave the default Image Sampler domains at 0 To 1 and make sure my input points are mapped to that default domain.

The thread title still doesn’t mention “Image Sampler”. Good luck.

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