Image on curved surface? HELP


I have a 3D CAD of a football made up of several panels. Each panel needs to have a different design on that I have designed in illustrator. I have exported these designs as PNG files (with transparent backgrounds). How do I now add this image to a panel on the ball? I will be using Keyshot 5 to render, is it easier to apply to the image in Keyshot instead? I know how to add a label onto a curved surface but it needs to wrap around the panel so it can tuck into the seams.

Can anybody help? I’m new to Rhino.


P.S I am using Rhino for mac.

The default mapping method for texture maps is by surface UV but if it’s a mesh imported from another program and not a native NURBS surface you may not get what you expect by default. If Keyshot has UV unwrapping tools, you can do it all there but otherwise check the Objects panel in the right sidebar for texture mapping controls. You can also set the material to by object and open the material editor from the objects panel>material. If you add a texture map to an assigned material, it will use the texture mapping method assigned to the object. I am not sure if this UV info will travel with the 3dm file currently to Keyshot but it should in an obj. Keyshot supports both unless I’m mistaken.

If you need more help, post a panel and the texture.