Apply nubs to a curved surface

Dear community, I have a question. Do you know how I can add nubs to a curved surface. I have attached pictures for you.
Thank you in advance.



Hi Annabelle -
You didn’t categorize your post - is this for rendering purposes only?
Is this a Grasshopper question?

Hi Wim,

thanks for your quick response. Actually I don’t know. It would be enough for rendering purposes. Im quite new with rhino so I don’t know grasshopper so well. Maybe the simpler way to apply those nubs?

Thanks in advance. :slight_smile:

Hi Annabelle -

The simpler way might be to apply a texture to that object.
Please post the 3dm file.

if you want only those 4 you can use the command Splop

Thanks a lot I will try it with the texture. In the attachment you can find the 3d file. :slight_smile:

Splishsplash_1.3dm (8.7 MB)

you can use the dots texture applied to the bump or displacement channel of a pbr material.

if you want printable parts, use the displacement channel, then when the material is set correctly, and looks right, run the extractrendermesh command .

that will generate a real physical mesh you can export to a printer as an .STL or .OBJ file.