Input string was not in a correct format


I’m trying to test out Kiwi!3D for the first time and got this error on the IGA solver:

This is the corresponding geometry that returned the error:

This is weird because I was able to get it working with a much smaller number of lines in Layer 01 of the attached Rhino7 file, seen here:

This is my expected result. All I did between the first and second image was I referenced a surface to generate the lines, whereas in the first image, I constructed the lined manually. The referenced surface is in the Default layer of the attached Rhino file.

How can I fix this issue? Or is this issue fixable? Any help is appreciated!

Here are the grasshopper and Rhino7 files: (45.2 KB)
Kiwi3D.3dm (1.6 MB)

Hey, there are some beam input curves with length zero. If you remove them, it should be fine.