IGES export options (entity 128)

Dear All,

I have a question about exporting surfaces to Iges file, in the option menu I can not find the entity 128. I need to export as a iges entity 128 , because I have to imported in a program that does not support trimmed surfaces,
I saw also some other export possibility’s with entity 134/144, what is the difference ?

who can help me ?


First, you are going to have to model your stuff in Rhino exclusively with methods that produce untrimmed surfaces. With NURBS, there is no possibility of auto conversion of trimmed surfaces to untrimmed in most cases as far as I know…

Then, on export, you can use one of the existing IGES export schemes or create a new one. You can edit the scheme and specify type 128 for your surfaces. No idea of all the things to check here, so you will have to do some testing on your own to see what works.


Thank you Mitch,

I will try it