IGES export: no 3D (model space) trimming curve


I am trying to extract the 3D (model space) trimming curves of my solid geometry using an IGES export.

Under advanced IGES-export-settings, I found the option to export the surface as “128 + 3D trim curves”, which I assume is what I want.
When importing the IGES file, however I can not find any 3D curves.

Any advice?

Hi Jacobs - this works here - a trimmed surface (not a solid, you may want to explode your objects) comes back as an untrimmed surfrace plus 3d trim curves. Maybe you’d do two exports, and just grab the curves from the ‘128+3d Trim curves’ one.


hi, thanks for the quick reply.
this indeed works, thanks a lot!

– jacob

Hi Jacob - ok, good - just in case it is easier, you can also DupFaceBorder and select indvidual faces in your solids or window to get them all - this will add the border curves to the file and you can select these and your solids to export all in one shot to IGES.